The Offer

Start-up Recommendations

Recommendations to make an offer are made to the Associate Dean assigned to the search and the Executive Associate Dean.

At the same time, departments must specify the office and laboratory space the candidate will occupy. If renovations are necessary, the department must speak with Associate Dean Henrik Aratyn about the feasibility and costs of the proposed alterations. The Dean’s Office and department must come to an agreement on these matters before an offer can be made.

For candidates requiring start-up funds, the Executive Officer submits the startup recommendation developed in consultation of the candidate to the College. Items that might already be available or provided from other sources should be clearly specified. These and other costs should be submitted to the College along with other components of the offer letter (see Offer Letters). Candidates hired under the UFRP program are eligible for startup funds from the university. For departments in the natural sciences and Psychology startup costs are shared between the college and the department.

Offer Letters

Offer letters normally are generated by the departments, but must be approved by the Dean’s Office and signed by the dean. Templates for sample letters are available online and must be used.  These templates contain required information for all offer letters.

If the appointment is in two or more departments, the letter should make clear that teaching and service responsibilities will be be split among these departments,  and that the amount of service expected will be proportionate to the percentage appointment.

At the time of hiring, the executive officers of each unit, in consultation with the faculty member, should agree in writing to specific expectations regarding teaching and service commitments as well as promotion and tenure standards and procedures for each unit. These expectations should be formalized in a Memo of Understanding (MOU). Copies of the MOU should be on file in both units and in the College and should form part of annual merit reviews, third-year reviews, and tenure and promotion reviews.

Start Date and Benefits

Most new faculty members begin their appointment on August 16 and are paid in twelve equal installments starting September 16. Eligibility for health insurance begins at the same time that the appointment begins.

Information on Benefits and Services is available in the Faculty Handbook.

Bringing a Faculty Member to UIC with Tenure

The process for hiring a faculty member as an associate or full professor with indefinite tenure involves an additional level of review.  For such hires the department must put together a portfolio to be submitted to the Dean of LAS. Click the link below for more details:

See The Process Here

Special Conditions