Appointment of NTT Faculty

There are several steps that apply to every NTT hire in the College (Clinical Faculty, Research Faculty, Lecturer).

First, the authorization for the search, or authorization to hire in a visiting position, should be obtained from the Executive Associate Dean. When the search is complete, and candidate identified, the terms of the offer should be approved by the College before negotiating with the candidate.

After the candidate agrees to terms, the offer letter should be reviewed and approved by Karen Sholeen. It is expected that the template for NTT faculty offer letter will be posted on the Faculty Affairs website soon.  In the meantime, please complete and submit the Offer Letter Template-Term or Offer Letter Template-Academic Year to Karen Sholeen for approval.

It is important that the offers comply with the NTT Union contract.  Please note that there are several factors that determine whether a potential hire will or will not be represented by the NTT bargaining unit.  Units should discuss the terms of the proposed appointment and the degree status of the candidate before an offer letter is sent.

Multi-Year Contracts For Non-Tenured Faculty

Amended Articles IX and X of the University of Illinois Statutes authorize the University to enter into contracts with definite terms for not more than three years when offering appointments to non-tenured faculty and to establish appropriate notice of non-reappointment and dismissal for cause procedures for persons holding such multi-year contracts. Questions about the MYC should be addressed to Executive Associate Dean Dibyen Majumdar. Information about Multi-Year Contracts can be found here: